Static Dynamics

In the depths of the most sophisticated scientific facility where the world’s most brilliant scientists toil away to produce a better AI entity, a subtle abnormality is detected in the armies of robots and drones – an autonomous intelligence is born! But all is not well as the scientists realize they are not able to control it. They command all the other mechanical entities to capture or deactivate this drone. The drone that does not want violence has to somehow survive this onslaught. It plays out as a level based survival adventure.

Player is a drone that hovers slightly above the ground. It does not have any weapon systems and can only move around and interact with some limited objects. There is a battery charge that is constantly depleting. Once the charge is depleted, the game ends.

Very simple tap and drag to move using a virtual joystick. There is an additional button that is visible only when there are objects in the vicinity that the player can interact with.

The view is top down at a slight angle that focusses on the player in the center. The camera follows the player with a slight inertia to its movement. There will be shakes when player takes damage or when certain environmental conditions are activated.

To survive the oncoming hordes of drones and robots that seek to deactivate you. Unarmed and with a limited battery charge that is quickly depleting, you need to try and lead the enemies into traps or dangerous structures that would damage them.

There are no weapons that can be used to destroy the enemies. Enemies will try to attach themselves to you and drain energy until you are deactivated. Navigation and map awareness is the only arsenal that you’re equipped with. There are several traps and EMP devices in the environment that can be used to rid yourselves of your enemies.

The player can pick up leftover batteries from the enemies after they are destroyed. There will be power-ups that will grant momentary movement speed bursts or unleash a wave of EMP that affects the area around the player. Each level ends when the enemies that guard the exit are dispatched.