Goal In The Wall

A fun multiplayer competitive game on Kinect where players use randomly highlighted body part models to deflect a bouncing ball. Players play against each other to score goals on either side of the screen. Up to 4 players can play at a time. [Made as part of the course Building Virtual Worlds. Also showcased in the ETC Festival ’19]

Team Size : 5 [Programmers -2 | Artists – 2 | Sound Designer – 1]
Duration : 1 week
My Role : Programmer (Primary), Co-producer, Designer

Theme : Simple fun
Constraints : Time. Only 1 week to conceptualize, develop and play test the game.

Development Summary :

This round was nicknamed “The Lightning Round” for good reason. There was no room for ambitious scope. The mechanics were easy to build and tweak. The prototype version was ready within 3 days and we began play-testing in earnest. We were careful not to introduce changes to too many parameters so that it was easier to track the effects. Every aspect of the game was kept simple and any scope creep was cut down accordingly.

Snapshot of Trello board