Gnome, Go Home!

A game for Magic Leap where the player uses a beam from the controller to pick and fling wolves that are attacking a gnome outside his home in the woods. [Made as part of the course Building Virtual Worlds]

Team Size : 5 [Programmers -2 | Artists – 2 | Sound Designer – 1]
My Role : Programmer (Primary), Producer and Designer

Theme : Fear
Constraints :
1. Platform choice – Magic Leap AR headset.
2. Characters A & B, where A is afraid of B. Guest (Player) has to help A attain their objective by keeping B at bay.

Development Summary
I assumed the role of Producer in this team as I had some prior experience in managing teams. This was apart from my primary role as a programmer. However, we ran into problems in our scope as we had aimed too high in designing the experience. We quickly discovered that our initial scope was not feasible and decided on a different concept. Most of our team members were not experienced enough with the roles and tools that we had to work with. Consequently, we scaled down the scope and design as much as our skills would allow us at that moment. Hence, we finished the project on time.

Design Decisions
1. Type of game play – Point, grab, fling. Spinning plates.
2. Objective – Keep the wolves away from the gnome.
3. Challenge – Wolves attack the gnome from different directions. Gnome stops moving when attacked.
4. Reward – Gnome moves when there are no wolves near him.