Trigger Heroes

I played Trigger Heroes on my Android phone a few weeks ago and felt it was a nice experience. So I thought I’d do a small breakdown of the game and share it with the world.

First off, the art style is what struck me. It felt like an old school Gameboy Advance game that vaguely reminded me of Zelda but with guns. Since I want to keep this first one simple, I’ve listed down the YAY’s and NAY’s of the game below.


  • Simple controls
  • Fun and fast paced gameplay
  • Art style
  • Random levels for every play through
  • Weapon/Powerup/Skill assortment
  • Two separate currencies for session based purchases and permanent upgrades.
  • Checkpoint based progression with each session generating rewards
    • This prompts the player to upgrade and try again if they lose
    • Provides a substantial increase in difficulty for players who got all powers and guns in a single, yet long session
  • Destructible parts in the environment that offer temporary cover during closely spaced fights


  • Session progress + rewards are lost every time the game loses focus [Game breaking bug]. Almost made me rage uninstall couple of times
  • It is easier to play parts of the level that are vertical than the parts that are horizontal. Possible solution could be to provide vertical corridors in each section and a mini-map that shows this to the player. This way, if they can get to the corridor by avoiding the bullets and enemies, they have a chance to survive the fight.
  • Watching a couple of in game ADs gives a player too big of an advantage – 100 coins. This can be reduced by half and still be useful in my opinion
  • The swipe-to-dodge control is a bit unreliable. This could be improved by providing an addition to the alternative control scheme(fixed joystick); an additional button that would initiate a dodge roll in the direction the player is moving in. This would be accessible only when the player moves. So as to not be too spammable.

Get it on Google Play
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